Chronic Pain management: Innovative treatment for pain pill addiction & detox off pain killers. Outpatient detox from pain pills, opiates & Fentanyl helps with withdrawal craving. Chronic pain sufferer & addicted to pain meds, try naltrexone implants. The Coleman Institute pain management pain pill withdrawal Lexington Louisville KY Kentucky pain management for Evansville, Bowling Green, Paducah Cincinnati Dayton, Columbus, Springfield, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Bloomington, Nashville & Knoxville. Non narcotic chronic pain treatment for IN Indiana, OH Ohio and TN Tennessee.

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ADetox from Painkillers and Pain Management A New Approach

Detox from Painkillers and Pain Management - A New Approach

If your addiction to painkillers no longer eases your chronic pain and interferes with your life, we have a solution. The Coleman Institute's innovative pain pill detox helps you get control, so you can use non-narcotic pain management solutions. Dr. Peter Coleman developed a medical approach to pain med withdrawal. Our three- to five-day outpatient treatment helps you kick pain pills, opiates or the Fentanyl patch.

The Coleman Institute's painkiller detox uses sedatives to ease the withdrawal symptoms. Then Naltrexone implants reduce cravings and allow time for the brain to heal. This breakthrough treatment for painkiller addiction is easier, more effective, safer and less expensive. You will be able to let non-narcotic pain treatments and your own natural painkillers - endorphins - help block your chronic pain. Our pain management addiction clients come from Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, Nashville and Knoxville - nearly every city Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee.

The Coleman Institute understands addiction. Our medical approach to pain med detox and chronic pain management works. We are focused on getting you quickly detoxed, back on your feet and in control. Contact us at 877-77-DETOX (877-773-3869) to find out more.

Tired of Being Addicted to Painkillers? Ready to Quit?
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Naltrexone for Successful Painkiller Detox

Our experience with Naltrexone has shown it gives patients the best chance for a lasting recovery. We insert a small Naltrexone implant under your skin after you are fully detoxed and ready to resume your life. The sustained time-release nature of Naltrexone blocks the opiate receptors in your brain, which reduces cravings and actually helps you brain heal. Naltrexone is a powerful tool for a successful recovery, allowing you to clearly focus on dealing with your chronic pain.

So, You are Ready…

You’re ready for The Coleman Institute’s Accelerated Opiate Detox. So, what’s next? Contact The Coleman Institute now by calling 877-77-DETOX (877-773-3869) and we’ll get you started on the path to recovery. We will help walk you through the process, make plans for travel and lodging, along with any financial arrangements that need to be made; and we’ll assist you in setting up a good aftercare program to ensure your long term success. You will be amazed at how quickly you can be on—and stay on—the road to recovery.



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