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March 2015

“Happy to be alive and sober!”

This was the text I received from my son this morning. We are praising God for leading us to The Coleman Institute. Obviously, his journey has just begun, but your program made the "start" a reality.

He has had no drugs of any kind since Monday, the day if his detox. Yesterday was a little "odd", but he woke up this morning clear headed and ready to go to work. We are greatly encouraged. Tomorrow, he will be going to an orientation meeting at the rehab center in town.

Please pass along our gratitude to Dr Coleman and all the staff that helped him. I know Jim (not his real name) will be giving his own thanks, as well.

Blessings to you all.


March 2015

I hope everyone at the Coleman Institute is doing well and continuing the success of the work that you all carry out. I just wanted to stop by and let you all know how great things have been going.

This is Joe (not his real name). Since I left your clinic a little over a year and a couple of months ago, things have been steadily improving for me. I just wanted to let everyone know from Joan, Courtney, and most importantly, Dr Coleman. When I first spoke with Dr Coleman, one of the first things he said was "you don’t know ‘blank’ about this". I said, your right…I totally didn’t. All I knew was that I was in a world of turmoil with problems and financial crisis.

I followed through and had several implants afterwards, and woke up one day and decided that that would be my last implant, and it was. Since then, I have not used, not even once, as I know that the process I received at Coleman was a once in a lifetime service. I have been going to meetings since then and reaching out to others and doing my part in aiding others, just like people did for me.

I have regained stability, paid off legal fees, and gotten my life back 100%, and I am ever so thankful for the folks at Coleman for making this possible.

Just wanted to check in and let the staff know how I am doing.



January 2015

I spent a lot of the past week at Coleman with my son. After a back injury, poor surgery and a year wait for a second effective surgery, he became dependent on opiate painkillers and had a heck of a time the past few months. I was hesitant and had no idea what to expect. Did not really understand the difference between rehab and detox and was very doubtful that 5 days could really effect much change.

From the minute we walked into your welcoming waiting room the Coleman Institute was really, really great. The program is so thorough, your staff explains the steps and options very well, and the treatment rooms are pleasant and welcoming for family. Most important your nursing and social work staff are uniformly well trained, pleasant and just really great.

I loved how the nurses were so non- judgmental, respectful to the patient, kind, chatty and at the same time able to be direct and get history and detailed, sometimes painful, personal information. They knew just when to strike during a treatment day to ask questions. Several times my son told me that chatting with Joan or our other wonderful nurse (whose name I forgot) made him realize several things that have to change for him. Big stressors he didn’t even realize. The conversations made things clearer for him. How great is that!

I would highly recommend Coleman to anyone looking to do medical detox.



January 2015

To: Nurse Shepherd and all staff,

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. Because of the wonderful work you do, you save lives – including mine and my friend's. From the fun with Giselle at the front desk, to every single attentive nurse and doctor, we offer our sincerest gratitude.

Onward and Upward!


January 2015

Jennifer is awesome! Not sure what would have happened if she hadn’t have worked so closely with me to get me to Dr. Coleman. As a repeat client, I have trust in Dr. C. and his staff, and the detox process as well as their encouragement to move forward in the recovery process.


January 2015

It was a great experience; the staff was very caring and attentive. I am feeling better than ever and have not craved alcohol since. The Naltrexone implant works and you don’t even realize it’s there.


January 2015

Almost three years ago, your services were recommended to us and I am so glad we listened to them. We brought our son into your clinic and you literally saved his life. He was there for benzo (Xanax) detox and three years later he is still clean.

The staff there were very professional and at the same time very caring and sweet. I have recommended your services to many I know that have struggles with addiction. My son became himself again and he has become quite the responsible adult that he longed to be. He has run a business for a family member’s company and is also working and continuing to go to school at night.

My family could not thank Dr. Coleman and his wonderful staff enough for everything you all did to help my son and get him clean. We got our son back and he is doing wonderful now, so Thank You from the bottom of our heart and God Bless. You all are THE BEST!


December 2014

I'm well beyond being satisfied, I'm thrilled with the progress my son has made. His whole life has changed as a result of this treatment. This is an amazing program, truly amazing.

The staff was incredible from start to finish, but it's the results that matter. This was a miracle. I got my son back after 2 years of darkness. The results were more than I could have ever hoped for. After 6 weeks, as a result of the treatment and the Naltrexone implant, desire to use is very low. Positive results had such an impact, and with the implant, using was simply not an option. There are no side effects, and I'm getting more sleep.

I can't say enough about this program. It's truly a miracle. I can feel things I haven't felt in a couple years. It's a wonderful feeling. I feel so indebted to the great staff IN San Francisco; they were so caring and friendly. Dr. Glatt was incredible, very focused and caring… easy to talk to.

The results were nothing short of a miracle.


December 2014

The Staff in Richmond was incredible and highly recommended. Joan is the best! Everyone was compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Amy Stewart was extremely helpful with everything leading up to day 1. She is an absolute asset to your company!

No cravings, energy and mood improving and in counseling and doing great. Saved my life! Keep doing what you are doing…saving lives. Giving people second chances at life!

Complete judgment free zone!


September 2014

Words cannot express our gratitude for this opportunity. You had faith in our recovery and by working with us in so many ways, you have put us on a path to sober living. In one weekend, you managed to save at least two lives!


September 2014

Your detox program has been a blessing. My son has become a much better person in ways I cannot describe. Dr. Coleman and staff did an incredible job. I cannot thank you enough!!!!


September 2014

After trying myself several times and unable to get through a few days, I was amazed how comfortable I was going through the detox process. All of the Dr.’s and staff were very friendly and understanding through the whole process. I honestly thought I would not be able to quit using and have been absolutely amazed in how easy it was at The Coleman Institute and am grateful that I was able to complete everything in Virginia.


September 2014

This clinic saved my life! The staff, especially Dr. Keating, was compassionate, caring and very professional! They were not judgmental and were truly there to help me as a patient.


Sep 2014

Dr. Coleman and his staff have done nothing short of save my life. I have struggled with alcohol for my entire adult life... He is by far the best doctor I’ve ever visited and the staff made me feel welcomed, comforted and unashamed for taking the giant leap forward towards living a healthy life. I, as well as my family, will always be grateful. Thank You!


September 2014

Absolutely. I'm getting blown up by people at SMART Recovery meetings wanting more information on this. No one seems to know about it, and we need more exposure, but when they hear there is an option that isn't an opiate/opioid its self, ears perk up everywhere. I'm preaching your gospel.


September 2014

I would recommend it because I feel it does really work, if you are truly ready to get off of drugs.


August 2014

I have already told multiple people about The Coleman Institute. I felt like it was my only way out, but it required a lot of research for me to find this program. I want to let everyone I know, who is on methadone maintenance, about this program. I believe it is a light at the end of the tunnel that most of us felt was dark. This place changed my life and I'd like to spread the knowledge to any it could help.


July 2014

We were very satisfied with your program. My daughter has been struggling with an opiate addiction and had been on Suboxone for 2.5 years. The Suboxone was impossible for her to quit. She tapered down to 1 mg and still could not make the jump. She suffered terribly with anxiety and depression due to the Suboxone. Suboxone was ruining her life and at 23 years old she just wanted to die. This detox program has given her back her life.


July 2014

I will always have a special feeling for the staff in Richmond! While I'm sure that I was NOT pleasant to deal with, they really were! What you offer is unbelievable in its impact on the lives of people who are going through a nightmare. It, in my opinion, is pretty miraculous! I was trapped with no way out, but you all got me out!!


July 2014

I was and still am very satisfied...because I felt as if you all cared....genuinely. I know if I hadn't received treatment, I'd be dead...no doubt……. My journey began in July ,2014 and with naltrexone implants, I'm feeling hopeful...and I'll continue treatment for at least another year....but probably, even longer, because I know that's what I must do. Failure isn't an option. I'm living again.


June 2014

Greetings Dr. C,

Hope you're enjoying the warm weather.  I know I sure am.  I wanted to give you an update on my progress.  After 5 months, counting from January, 2014, I'm happy to tell you if I'm not 100% healed then I'm 99% healed.  I feel terrific.  Still working out, eating healthy and enjoying life. 

I no longer have that weird sensation of my facial skin crawling and haven't had it for a while now.  I sleep well, my endorphin production is back and I feel better than I have in 20 years.  This is not an embellishment whatsoever either. I'm actually in better shape than I was at 28 years old.  Not only did I go through your program but I made a complete lifestyle change. I went from almost 230lbs to 164lbs getting all the fat off.  Then, when I started to feel a little better added working out and cardio.  I've since gained back to 185lbs and have stayed at that weight.  All the pounds I added were muscle. 

I take Vitamin A, B-complex, C, D, E, zinc, a multi-vitamin, biotin and fish oil. I would highly recommend to anyone going through your program to start working out.  Even if it's just walking around the block or riding a bike.  Once I started physical activity daily I started to feel that much better quicker.

Also I'm in the middle of opening up a restaurant.  I thought about a franchise but have decided to go it my own.  I'm up for the challenge.  Thankfully I have experience.

I also wanted to thank you and your staff for getting me through the toughest 45 days of my life.   You always showed me kindness and concern and for that I will always be appreciative.  It was very hard but I always held out hope that the next day would be easier and it was.  I thought because of my MS that I would have this ball and chain around my neck for the rest of my life.  And that wasn't a happy feeling whatsoever.  If I had known how well this would work out I would have gone through it several years ago. Your service is worth a million dollars in my opinion. 

So here we are 5 months out and I'm loving life and all the things that come with it thanks to you.  I'm more active than I've been since I can't remember when and excited for what the future holds for me and my family.

So best wishes to you and your staff.  The world needs more Doctor C's in it.  You're the best.



May 2014

Perfect combination of caring medical care and cost-effectiveness! I would not change a thing!


May 2014

Dr. Coleman is inspiring….what more can I say. Naltrexone is simply a godsend to any addict. We need that kind of long term help.


May 2014

This was our last hope for my brother-in-law. His report with Dr. Coleman and the Naltrexone was essential to his continuation and sobriety.


May 2014

I was a patient in 1999. I am aware of the kindness, compassion, non-judgment of Dr. Coleman. On this occasion, I required (again) treatment for opiate dependence; I wouldn't consider any other provider. I am delighted the practice has expanded to include two NP Providers… Joan & Courtney - both are top notch professionals. I am in the very best place to receive medical care & SA treatment. I have total confidence in the Practice. The detox nurse is wonderful as are all members of your team.

The Detox is totally comfortable (I experienced “amnesia” on those three days + the two days following) The focus on total abstinence rather than harm reduction strategies. (My detox with another company in Florida, in 2005, involved Suboxone…16 mg/day for 30 days, then, I was sent home with a 30 day supply and told "find a provider to prescribe on a maintenance basis”). Right....No such luck… and this decision was made for me without asking what I wanted. I suffered horribly when that prescription ran out.

I recommend the Implant (could be removed if emergency or a necessary surgery required). The injection, while more agreeable esthetically, does not offer that option.

For impulsive individuals (like myself), this provides a form of insurance as I reestablish my sobriety and rebuild a full life and manifest the joy and peace every person deserves to experience.

Life buffets us all; escape through substance use is an illusion and a potentially deadly choice. This implant is saving my life. I am so delighted to be a client of the Practice. I have the utmost confidence in the entire team.

Joan & Courtney Rock!!!!! And, of course, Dr. C...thank you for your lifelong dedication to treating opiate dependence and your innovation in developing the AOD and Naltrexone implant.


May 2014

If anyone I know ever struggles getting off of benzo's, this is the ONLY way I would tell them it is possible. I have tried many other ways and this worked wonders.


May 2014

Professional and knowledge staff. Did everything possible to keep my son comfortable. Sent us home with enough information to carry on treatment. Always available to answer questions.


May 2014

Personal concern by staff and taking the extra time needed for counseling, listening to the patient's concerns were upper most important and dealt with in an honest and empathetic manner.


May 2014

After finally making the decision to go through your program, it has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. Every fear I had or could imagine...your team made them all go away!

You made it possible for me to get my life back, both physically and mentally! My family and I will be forever grateful to each of those there who cared.


May 2014

I would like this to be posted on the Coleman Institute website to be shared;

I want to thank Dr. Rosenfield and the staff in Seattle for giving me my life back.

I felt lost and now I am found. I was losing hope that I would never be able to achieve sobriety from Valium, but I can happily say I have reached my goal.

Dr. Rosenfield made the impossible possible and I cannot thank him enough. If anyone reading this is struggling like I did to withdraw from benzo's, the money spent is worth every penny.

I am me again. I can do things that I thought were forever lost, things I love. It is hard work, but very worth it and any nervousness I had was dissipated the first time I met with the staff.

Thank you for changing my life!


April 2014

My apologies for not writing you earlier ~ thank-you so much, Dr. Glatt and your wonderful staff for the great treatment for my son. You, Dr. Glatt, and everyone on your staff was wonderful to work with and so kind and patient. That was a very difficult time for us and my son was a difficult patient. I'm happy to report that he is doing well, staying clean, and will hopefully be headed to work on a fishing tender(boat) in a few weeks.


April 2014

Dear Dr. Coleman:

Thank you for giving me back my life. I had suffered for years under the dependency of drugs, specifically Ativan. Your detox program made me free in one week. I am ecstatic with my drug free life.

My energy level has increased dramatically. I am so happy and it was very easy.

I was so afraid, but the non addictive meds you gave me helped make it all possible.

Thank you so much for my new life.


April 2014

Dear Dr. Rosenfield and Staff:

Thank you all for having made my recovery possible. I honestly could never have achieved that all important goal of mine alone. You were all so very kind to me and patient with me. I will never forget that.

I am a new person now and everyone sees it. That is not to say that my like is walked down the primrose path, but I am finally starting to live rather than just surviving. I can now participate in things which I had thought were lost to me forever. I am also grateful for your help and care!


April 2014

The Coleman Institute and your detox procedure has been a blessing for my son and for our family. The staff members and Doctor Coleman are the absolutely best professional medical team our family has ever worked with.

Sincere, kind and very knowledgeable with regards to the addiction issue that plagued our family.

Thank all of you so very much for helping our son regain his life and happiness; we can certainly tell from working with each and every one of you that this is not just a job for each of you; it's a mission, because we felt the love in your heart for us.


April 2014

I went through your detox program twice with the implant. I failed miserably at my first try at your program after a few months (my fault). The second time, I tried your program, and as a fool, I tried to relapse during 4-5day detox but didn't only because was taken from me. A true junkie refuses to let go of his bag but I did that night.

You upped my detox a day early and put the implant in me. I felt horrible for months (no sleep) but I followed up for a year with it.

I want to say it was end of 2008, possibly 2007. My life was such a fog, I can't even remember. Since that last detox with you, I have remained clean and have no desire or thoughts to ever want to again after 10 years of misery. Your program played a big part in my recovery, but your honesty and kind straight forwardness made things sink in my head that it was time to hang it up after countless cheats with death.

You can't remember every patient that comes through, but I never got to say thank you for giving me my life back. It is greatly appreciated more than you will ever know....


April 2014

Thx Courtney for checking in, my son is doing great!!! I removed his stitches last night, he left his girlfriend, who also had a substance abuse problem, and he moved in with me for now. He has a very clear head. Thank you all so much for giving my son back to me, I missed him so much! I will be sending some pictures for you to share! Coleman group rocks!!!!

PS: We are back at the gym!

April 2014

Dear Coleman Institute Staff,

My husband and I were at Coleman Institute with our son. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience the entire process was. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but everything was above and beyond my expectations. In all my years seeing different medical professionals in many different offices, yours was the most impressive I have ever been to. Your facility atmosphere was warm, clean and comfortable, the staff friendly, helpful and caring and the entire process ran smoothly right down to the last detail.

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and well-spoken both Courtney and Joan were. Jen was there every step of the way, answering all of our questions and made us feel right at home. There was also another nurse, Trupti; she was the first face we saw upon arrival and was also very kind and gentle to our son. Then, there was Chris, who was very easy to talk to and get to know, his friendly face, helpful suggestions and encouragement will always be remembered. Even though we didn’t spend much time with Dr. Coleman, it was a pleasure to meet him and talk with him on our last day. We didn’t have the chance to meet Jennifer Pius while we were there, but have spoken and emailed her before and after our visit, and she has been a wonderful help throughout the process. You are an amazing team of people who work together flawlessly, and I hope at the end of every day you feel good about the work you are all doing.

It’s been one month and our son is doing great. He’s seeing clearly for the first time in a long time, and it’s been wonderful to see all the changes in him over these four weeks. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate having our son back again. I feel like he has been given another chance in life, that he couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

Thank you all for everything you do; for your compassion, your knowledge, and for putting together this amazing program. I hope that you continue to have success in bringing this program into other states across the country in order to reach out to as many people as you can!


February 2014

The entire staff was kind and understanding. Every question I had was answered honestly and completely. Great care was given to ensure I was kept comfortable. The staff's kindness was shown to my family as well. Having a private room for me where my family could be by my side the entire time meant a lot. Excellent and professional care was given, yet it was a relaxing atmosphere. The entire experience, from the first phone call with my 1,000 questions thru the entire treatment was excellent.

The chip (implant) worked exactly as it was explained to me. I have no cravings! I am 3 months clean! I am back to enjoying life instead of being ruled by an addiction. One of the best decisions I have ever made!

You will not regret it! It will be the best decision you ever make! This treatment really does work! Even though it was scary at first, you will be treated with respect, kindness by caring and professional team! Everything went a lot better than I had imagined. There was prompt care given to keep me comfortable.

I would, have and do recommend this treatment to anyone that is even thinking about it because of the one simple fact that IT REALLY DOES WORK!

Again, I say, after finally making the decision to go through your program has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. Every fear I had or could imagine...your team made them all go away! You made it possible for me to get my life back, both physically and mentally! My family and I will be forever grateful to each of those there who cared.


February 2014

Dear Coleman Family:

I am just writing this yearly thank you note because, honestly, I cannot give you enough thanks for “saving me”. I know that the best doctors and staff like you all are not easy to find.

You were all so amazing with extreme kindness and patience in dealing with me as I was getting clean. I know I was tough at times, but I owe you all by becoming a successful Addiction MD, so I can be helping others as you helped me. As you know, my overall health is fantastic and I am 7 years clean!

Thanks for inspiring me!

January 2014

To Joan

It’s good to know warm, considerate people who try to help others in all that they do…people whose lives show the meaning of God’s love. It is good to know a person like you.

This card says it all. I am blessed to have met you and thank your for too many things to name. With warm wishes and enormous respect.


January 2014

To Dr. Coleman, Joan, Courtney, Jenn and Natalie:

Thank you so much for your kindness shown to us while we were at your office. Thanks Jenn so much for your jumper cables….you are the greatest!

We will never forget you!


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