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February 2014

Dear Coleman Family:

I am just writing this yearly thank you note because, honestly, I cannot give you enough thanks for “saving me”. I know that the best doctors and staff like you all are not easy to find.

You were all so amazing with extreme kindness and patience in dealing with me as I was getting clean. I know I was tough at times, but I owe you all by becoming a successful Addiction MD, so I can be helping others as you helped me. As you know, my overall health is fantastic and I am 7 years clean!

Thanks for inspiring me!

January 2014

To Joan

It’s good to know warm, considerate people who try to help others in all that they do…people whose lives show the meaning of God’s love. It is good to know a person like you.

This card says it all. I am blessed to have met you and thank your for too many things to name. With warm wishes and enormous respect.


January 2014

To Dr. Coleman, Joan, Courtney, Jenn and Natalie:

Thank you so much for your kindness shown to us while we were at your office. Thanks Jenn so much for your jumper cables….you are the greatest!

We will never forget you!


December 2013

Two years ago today, I walked out of The Coleman Institute a different person. I had been on Methadone for 9 years and was sick of living like that.

My life has been so much happier and more free these past two years.

I want to thank you (Jennifer), Joan, Dr. Peter Coleman and everyone else at The Coleman Institute in Richmond for helping me get my life back.

I honestly cannot say enough great things about all of you.


November 2013

Joan, you have been such a huge help in my detox and road to recovery. I appreciate everything you do. From speaking with your over the phone , for pre-op info regarding the implant…….I somewhat questioned the procedure.

Now, I agree with the saying on the Coleman bag…”Hope Whispers One More Chance”

Thanks for being a part of my detox and giving me that chance to regain my life and be successful.


November 2013

To the TCI Staff:

Some have a gift for helping others to see the world as a place of possibility.

Some impart wisdom or comfort and care. Some point out the path and some take you there.

Some warm the heart with a human touch.

You have all these gifts…Thank you so much.

This says it all!


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