Dr. Coleman Explains Our Detox Process

About The Coleman Institute

Dr. Peter Coleman - National Medical Director

Since 1998, our mission has been to help patients with addiction on their road to recovery. The Coleman Institute has developed a suite of unique programs that help people detoxify and stabilize from the effects of Opiates, Suboxone, Methadone, and Alcohol. These revolutionary techniques have achieved remarkable results: Thousands of patients treated with a 98% success rate. Learn More


Our program is designed to remove all of the narcotics that are attached to the patient's brain receptors in the most comfortable, safe & speedy process possible.
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Chronic Pain

Our accelerated detox program will eliminate your dependence on opiates associated with pain management in only three or four days.
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We offer the easiest and most successful way to detox from Suboxone in only 8 days. Our program is easier, safer, and more effective than other available treatments.
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Patients addicted to Methadone are eligible for an extended form of our Accelerated Detox program, which will take about eight days.
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We have developed a program where we can safely detoxify almost all alcoholics on an outpatient basis, over about 3-4 days.
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