Accelerated Opiate Detox

Heroin, Oxycontin and Methadone are the most widely abused opiate drugs. Other opiates, such as Percocet, Vicodin, Dilaudid, and Demerol are also highly addictive. But regardless of the specific opiate addiction, The Coleman Institute can help with the revolutionary Accelerated Detoxification Technique (ADT).

Our ADT procedure is designed to remove all of the narcotics that are attached to the patient's brain receptors in the most comfortable, safe and speedy process possible. When people come in to detox they have a certain amount of narcotics that are attached to the receptors in their brain. Any detox procedure needs to assist the patient getting rid of all of those drugs so that the patient and the patient's brain are completely drug-free. At that point, the detox process is completed. If patients detoxify on their own without any assistance, the drugs wash out of their brain in around five to ten days. This is extremely painful and most patients are unable to tolerate it on their own.

At The Coleman Institute, we have found a much easier process, called the Accelerated Detoxification Technique. But please don't be thrown off by the word "Accelerated." Our Accelerated Detoxification Technique is by no means a "compromise" for beating an addiction. In fact, quite the opposite is true. It is, quite literally, a breakthrough program that is easier on the patient, more effective, safer, and less expensive than other available treatments for the following reasons:

  • Neither general anesthesia nor hospital stays are required, which is much safer and far less costly.
  • Patients move quickly and safely through the withdrawal process with minimal discomfort and constant supervision.
  • Our procedure normally takes just three days on an outpatient basis, rather than seven days - or longer - inside a hospital.
  • The very small Naltrexone implant we place under the skin, which keeps all opiates from the brain receptors for around eight to twelve weeks, gives our patients a significant head start in remaining drug-free permanently.

In Accelerated Detoxification, we meet with the patient for the initial assessment and ask that they be in some mild withdrawal. In this way, by the time we meet with them they've already started the detoxification and they are ready to receive some of the medicines we use for the detoxification. We then give our patients a combination of drugs, including some mild opiates and some strong sedatives. Patients usually become much more comfortable and they can be discharged home.

On the second day, we continue their sedatives and then actually give them some medicines to speed up the detoxification and prepare the brain for being drug free.

On the final day of the detox, the patient fasts overnight and takes a dose of oral Valium before arriving in the office. The oral Valium lasts long enough to provide good sedation throughout the whole detoxification procedure. We usually insert an IV so we can provide extra sedation throughout the course of the day, if this is needed. By the end of the day, the patient has received full doses of antagonists, and we can insert the small Naltrexone implant under the skin, knowing that the patient is fully detoxified and will not get any extra withdrawal symptoms once they leave the office. The sustained, time-release nature of Naltrexone allows us to keep all opiates from the brain receptors for at least six to twelve weeks, giving patients the best possible chance for a lasting recovery.


February 2014

Dear Coleman Family:

I am just writing this yearly thank you note because, honestly, I cannot give you enough thanks for “saving me”. I know that the best doctors and staff like you all are not easy to find.

You were all so amazing with extreme kindness and patience in dealing with me as I was getting clean. I know I was tough at times, but I owe you all by becoming a successful Addiction MD, so I can be helping others as you helped me. As you know, my overall health is fantastic and I am 7 years clean!

Thanks for inspiring me!

November 2013

Joan, you have been such a huge help in my detox and road to recovery. I appreciate everything you do. From speaking with your over the phone , for pre-op info regarding the implant…….I somewhat questioned the procedure.

Now, I agree with the saying on the Coleman bag…”Hope Whispers One More Chance”

Thanks for being a part of my detox and giving me that chance to regain my life and be successful.


October 2013

Everything was wonderful! Everyone was so polite, understanding, and friendly and really made me feel comfortable. The directions were clear for us to follow and I was never in any pain thru the process.

The experience went above and beyond anything I had expected. The staff was attentive and respectful. They went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and doing OK. And the same goes for when I returned for my Vivitrol Injection. I was not feeling well that day, and everyone wanted to be sure I was OK and offered additional medicine to help me.


October 2013

The staff was so wonderful even when I was throwing a fit and made sure I was comfortable at all times. I felt they genuinely cared and it meant a lot.

I've battled Heroin for four years, been in rehab five different times, have tried Vivitrol and the Naltrexone daily pill and this Naltrexone implant has saved my life. I have absolutely no cravings.


October 2013

I was your average girl who had her whole life ahead of her, but that still wasn't enough. As I begin searching for what I thought was something more I needed, I found myself going down a whole new path of life, I was having a blast living and having fun like I never did before.

I meet someone who was a few years younger than me and whom had experimented with drugs I had never seen. It all began with one pill. I started talking them just to have fun; what’s the problem I thought to myself, I am just having fun.

Well, the fun became an everyday event I started to find myself searching for things I never needed before to feel alive. This led into years of Prescription drug abuse. I started to become a person no one knew, whatever I had to do to get that high I would do; nothing else mattered until I got my "drugs", nothing else mattered to me. As I continued to get further into my addiction, I realized "pills" weren't enough and it lead into Heroin addiction that I couldn't control.

I would find myself stocking myself up to 20 times a day just so I could function, just to feel human. As the days got longer, I got worst until one-day my life changed forever.

In October of 2011 I walked into the Coleman Institute for the Accelerated Detox Program. I was an emotional wreck as I had just lost my boyfriend to suicide due to the battle of addiction. I was terrified but knew if I didn't take the chance I was given to save my life, my family would be saying good bye to me. As I started the detox, it was the worst god awful thing I had ever agreed to do. As I cried in pain, cussed and screamed at the doctors and nurses, I made it through the 3 day detox and received a Naltrexone Implant.

As I came out of the detox, I was terrified. I had many people doubting my recovery, I doubted myself, but with determination, Great Support System, Great Doctors and Counselors, I am standing proud 2 Years Sober after a 6 year heroin Addiction!

I just want to Thank EVERYONE at the Coleman Institute for your wonderful program and support; without the help of the detox program and Naltrexone Implant, my life wouldn't be where it is today!

October 2013


Thank you. I am happy to say that I am at 199 days sober. You and the Coleman team helped me tremendously in accomplishing this.


October 2013

Hi Courtney,

Thank you for your help and for being so nice. I love you guys!


September 2013

Because I am off the drugs, Praise the Lord for that. I will never go back. I feel like I am a human again. My family loves the real me. I have already sent people down there for help. I am very pleased there is help for these drugs.


September 2013

I've battled Heroin for four years, been in rehab five different times, have tried Vivitrol and the Naltrexone daily pill and this implant has saved my life.


September 2013

The experience went above and beyond anything I had expected. The staff was attentive and respectful. They went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and doing ok. And the same goes for when I returned for my Vivitrol Injection. I was not feeling well that day, and everyone wanted to be sure I was ok and offered medicine to help me.


August 2013

We can’t thank you enough for the transformation that has come over “M”. It has been a return to life, really. Dr. Coleman, Jen, Joan and Courtney have our deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you so much for working with “M” with great patience, kindness, wisdom…..and expertise!

We will continue with the implants and are thankful for the security they provide.


August 2013

Thank you Courtney for taking care of us yesterday; very much appreciated. One more thing: yourself and the rest of the gang have gone beyond anything that I'm used to here in Canada.


July 2013

I can not thank you and your program and staff enough for helping my son and our family. You all treated him like a real person of value and he is doing great.

You helped him get his life back and he is now walking with his head up instead of walking with his head down like he doesn't matter.

He has always mattered to us.


July 2013

Very friendly, unpretentious staff. Everything was thorough and like clockwork. No unpleasant surprises. They keep you safe until you are fully recovered.

This program gave me my life back.


July 2013

Very professional, caring, and competent staff. No judgment made.


July 2013

I am feeling so much better. I have my life w/my husband back again! It sure is wonderful! Thank you JESUS!

I was treated great by the staff and was kept very comfortable. I tell everyone about this place, it is awesome, as is the staff. I want to thank my caregivers: Courtney, Joan, Jenn, & Dr. Peter Coleman.



July 2013

I can recommend and pray others wanna be helped, but ultimately, you gotta want it for yourself! If you want to get your life back then I highly recommend TCI.

I was in good hands! Thank You


June 2013

I just want to say thank you for saving me from Duragesic & saving my life. I was on that med for 10 years. It kept me out of the hospital, but ruined my life. I didn't want to do NOTHING. I felt sick most all of the time. I was on 75mcg to 50mcg, & then 25mcg @ the end for 1 week. I was feeling terrible.

I was on the internet looking for help. I prayed & right then I came across The Coleman Institute. I emailed Jennifer, she called me around 2 hours later. I went through the detox program there.

I get out more and I feel alive again. I want to thank everyone who helped me. Dr. Peter Coleman, you have been there done that & have the t-shirt to or opening a place that is safe and you feel no withdrawals due to the prove it. I also want to thank you for opening for opening this program.

I want to say thank you to Jenn, my nurse there. You were very kind & told me your story regarding your son. Thank you all and GOD Bless you.


May 2013

I hope you remember me. I’ve been clean and sober for 3 years now, thanks to you and the great people at The Coleman Institute. I have since moved to Pennsylvania and have met a wonderful man who I will be marrying on June 15!

Thanks again!


November 2012

To Dr. Coleman, Courtney Harden, NP and Staff:
Thank you so very much for the treatment and care GF received during his detox. It means very much to me that there are such wonderful people like you to help addicts recover to a normal life. I appreciate all you do.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You Again,

August 2012

Hello to the great staff, I just wanted to share how overwhelming great I feel to have my life back. This disease of addiction took almost 6 years of my life; you all had a huge impact and I will forever be so grateful to all of you. I will be boasting about the Coleman Institute from this day on. Again words do not quite convey how truly thankful I am.


May 2012

To all of the staff:

Thank you for all the wonderful support and patience you all demonstrated towards helping my son, Will. He never believed that he could be off Suboxone and it's now been 7+ weeks. He claims if he would have realized that it was possible with your methods, he would have tried it sooner. (Though we told him, he just did not believe it). He is well into follow-up treatment and he attributes the "feeling great" to the Accelerated Detox and Naltrexone implant. I hope I can continue to report good news... so far, better that we ever imagined!

He would love to drop by sometime to say hello and re-introduce himself... the new and improved Will!


Feb 2012

Dear Staff of The Coleman Institute,

This letter is to express my deepest thanks to everyone we met at your facility. I am a sponsor for one of your recent patients. I want you to know she is a changed person. With a watchful eye, I think she will be a success; thanks to your program as a kick start!



Feb 2012

Dear Coleman Family:

Just wanted to send this thanks because you all truly saved my life and because of you I finished my addictions degreed and am continuing into Neuroscience so one day I can "service" an addict's brain. None of this would be possible if it weren't for you all!!!

You believed in me when others did not and were the first in me getting clean and seeing that there is a better life than addiction or being an addict.

Thanks again.



PS: My implants scar is hard to see, but when I look, it puts a smile on my face! Don't ever forget me please. Enclosed are pics of me starting my new Neuro degree at college.

Jan 2012

I have been intending to write a thank you note to you for the past year, but have failed to do so. Well, here it is. You treated my son about a year and a half ago. Your detox treatment has had a profound impact on him. He remains sober and is doing very well in his life. There is no adequate way to express our deep appreciation for you and your staff and what you do for people and families, day in and day out. You are truly a blessing to many, many people.

Once again, than for your all you are doing.


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