Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials


Whitney – Former Opioid User “This couldn’t have been a better experience – there’s so much personalized attention.”


Walt – Alcohol Detox Patient “If you have the desire to stop, it’s not easy, but you can do it.”


Gene – Former Alcohol Patient “Life is best when you can enjoy it clean and sober”


Reducing Chronic Pain – One Man’s Story


Robert – Drug and Alcohol Patient “I’ve never felt this free in my life.”


John K – Former Prescription Medication User “I’m free again. I have my life back again.”


Ryan – Alcohol Detox Patient “Using the Coleman Method was the only one that has worked for me for a long period of time.”


Jeremy – Former Opioid User “I’m 100% shocked about how good I feel.”


David – Former Opioid User “I came to the Coleman Institute and it saved my life.”


Dustin – Former Opioid User “I’m free and clear of the bondage of my addiction.”


Brad – Opiates “I now have my family back.”


Ryan – Heroin “Seven months clean.”


Jason – Heroin “This detox was definitely the easiest one I’ve tried”


Ted – Methadone “There is light at the end of the tunnel.”


Brandon – Suboxone “Addicted to suboxone for 6 years, this was the best thing I’ve ever done.”


Thomas – Methadone “Detox off of Methadone was surprisingly painless.”


Bert – Parent of Patient “I got my family back.”


Stacy – Opiates (Painkillers) “I’m free from drugs now.”


Dustin – Opiates (Heroin) “I thought I could do heroin one time, I was wrong.”


Jesse – Opiates (Painkillers) “Dr. Coleman is a Godsend for giving me my son back.”


Diane – Opiates (Painkillers) “You’re a new mommy now and I love my new mommy.”


Ronnie – Methadone “I feel good. I feel clean. I am going to stay that way.”


Robert – Opiates (Heroin) “It was ten times better than I expected. It was smooth as could be.”


Ben – Methadone “There was no possible way to get off drugs on my own.”


Pam – Benzos “It was like seeing in black & white and now seeing in color.”


Charlie – Opiates (Heroin) “Life is good. Being clean brings me lots of joy.”


Neile – Opiates (Painkillers) “I had enough of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.”


Mike – Former Opioid Patient “I’m a completely different person, I’m just feeling great. I would recommend this to anyone.”


John – Former Patient “My biggest problem was getting over the physical addiction and the 5-day detox was great for that.”


All video testimonials are TCI patients who volunteered to tell their story without compensation.