Methadone Detox

Methadone Addiction and Detoxification

Sometimes, patients come to The Coleman Institute, after beginning a Methadone program for Heroin addiction somewhere else, because they are now hooked on Methadone. This is clearly a cruel irony, especially if the Methadone treatment has helped a patient to reduce his/her heroin use.

While Methadone can allow some patients to stop their Heroin or Oxycontin use, the success rate is low because patients are not really drug free. Methadone patients are still dependent on a strong mood altering drug and so they continue to have strong cravings. What is worse is that Methadone is much harder to detoxify off of than Heroin or Oxycontin. Even a very slow taper off Methadone produces very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. This drives patients to use drugs during the tapering period in order to relieve the discomfort. Many clinics and their patients give up and elect to stay on Methadone Maintenance. But this is not a good solution either, since Methadone Maintenance doesn't usually stop other drug use, and it is much harder to detoxify oneself off Methadone than any other opiate. This reality has led The Coleman Institute to modify our highly successful Accelerated Detox program to help Methadone users to completely detoxify themselves in only eight days and help them stay clean.

Patients addicted to Methadone are eligible for an extended form of our Accelerated Detox program, which will take about eight days. To be eligible for this treatment, patients will need to be in good general health, willing to attend on a daily basis, stay in the local area, agree to not drive, and agree to be fully supervised by someone during the treatment program until the Naltrexone Therapy has begun.

This program works amazingly well.


May 2014

Personal concern by staff and taking the extra time needed for counseling, listening to the patient's concerns were upper most important and dealt with in an honest and empathetic manner.


December 2013

Two years ago today, I walked out of The Coleman Institute a different person. I had been on Methadone for 9 years and was sick of living like that.

My life has been so much happier and more free these past two years.

I want to thank you (Jennifer), Joan, Dr. Peter Coleman and everyone else at The Coleman Institute in Richmond for helping me get my life back.

I honestly cannot say enough great things about all of you.


November 2013

To the TCI Staff:

Some have a gift for helping others to see the world as a place of possibility.

Some impart wisdom or comfort and care. Some point out the path and some take you there.

Some warm the heart with a human touch.

You have all these gifts…Thank you so much.

This says it all!


September 2013

You should see my son now. He's actually living life and he's so happy and healthy now.

I would definitely recommend this program and would like to thank each and every one of the staff members at The Coleman Institute for giving me back my son.

Overall, we felt we got exceptional care. The staff at the Schaumburg office were "Most Amazing". My son's favorites were John and Joniece - they really took very good care of him and John even stopped to pick up his favorite candy bar the next day.


August 2013

Dr. Rosenfield at the Seattle clinic helped me break away from the evil circle of methadone. I tried twice to taper on my own, both times I failed. The methadone clinic was of no help as they only looked at me as a source of income for years to come. I was treated with both respect and compassion at the Coleman Institute’s Seattle office. The thing that stuck with me the most is when Dr. Rosenfield told me on the last day of the plan, was that from here on out, I NEVER have to chase an opiate/methadone withdrawal again.

I have been opiate free for over 40 days now. The longest in 3 years. I feel I have been given my life back as I am no longer dependent on any chemical, especially methadone.

Thank you Dr. Rosenfield for your honest and caring approach to breaking the cycle of dependence.


October 2012

To all of the staff at this amazing institute:
I want to say thanks! Great job and keep u the good work….Wish me luck and God Bless!
You guys are awesome!

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