Suboxone Detox

Suboxone Withdrawal and Detox with Naltrexone

Suboxone is a drug with opiate-like qualities that is often used to relieve the withdrawal symptoms of people coming off of heroin or Methadone addictions. Unfortunately, Suboxone is also highly addictive; many patients are unable to stop using Suboxone after they have begun taking it. Many patients stay on Suboxone for a long time as a maintenance drug and then are unable to relinquish the drug, even if they try to wean off of it slowly. We are now seeing many patients come to The Coleman Institute to free themselves from their Suboxone addictions even if they have successfully detoxed from heroin or Methadone.

It is true that a few patients can detox off of Suboxone, but it can be very difficult for most patients. Even if patients are able to wean off of Suboxone over an extended period of time, they usually still have considerable withdrawal symptoms after the Suboxone is gone. We sometimes refer to this as Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), and for Suboxone it can sometimes last for up to six months.

Fortunately, The Coleman Institute offers a different, and much easier, detoxification process from Suboxone-a process that we also successfully use with patients who still suffer from other opiate addictions: our Accelerated Detox program. Using Accelerated Detox, we can detoxify patients off even large doses of Suboxone over a five to eight day period. Following detoxification, we recommend Naltrexone therapy, usually in the form of a Naltrexone implant. The Naltrexone implant fills up the opiate receptors in the brain and this decreases cravings and the residual withdrawal symptoms. Each implant lasts for six to twelve weeks. This gives our Suboxone patients a significant head start in remaining drug-free permanently.


July 2015

Joan Shepherd (NP) was very knowledgeable and helpful during my admittance process and spent plenty of time answering our questions and re-assuring us in the process. Your program was completely successful. I have now regained my strength and have complete clarity of mind. The insomnia is now past history.
Thank you for freeing me from the Suboxone dependency.


April 2014

Thx Courtney for checking in, my son is doing great!!! I removed his stitches last night, he left his girlfriend, who also had a substance abuse problem, and he moved in with me for now. He has a very clear head. Thank you all so much for giving my son back to me, I missed him so much! I will be sending some pictures for you to share! Coleman group rocks!!!!

PS: We are back at the gym!

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