Your Guide to Detoxing Off of Methadone

For decades, methadone has proven useful in helping people struggling with opioid addiction by transitioning them from heroin or other street opioids over to this legal (when prescribed) alternative. However, methadone maintenance therapy can leave those suffering from Substance Use Disorder with the new challenge of detoxing off of methadone itself when or if they decide to do so.

At the Coleman Institute, we have developed an outpatient detox specifically to help people transition from methadone over to long-acting formulations of the non-addictive opioid blocker called Naltrexone.

That’s why we created the Guide to Detoxing Off Methadone.

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In this guide, you will learn:

  • Facts about methadone and its role in opioid addiction treatment.
  • Why some patients may want to stop using Methadone.
  • Why detoxing off of Methadone might be difficult.
  • The 4 major dimensions that support recovery.
  • Available support services for person-centered aftercare.

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In the Guide: An In-Depth Look at Methadone Use and Our Industry-Leading Detox Program

Many individuals have found success using methadone to quit heroin, fentanyl, or other dangerous opioids, and have been able to start getting their life back. Methadone maintenance therapy, under medical supervision, can be safe and effective. But since methadone is a mood-altering opioid itself, it can leave you with the new challenge of detoxing off of methadone. In fact, detoxing off of methadone can be more difficult than other opioids like heroin.

Here’s more about what you can learn in our free Guide to Detoxing Off of Methadone:

How Did We Get Here?

The consequences of the opioid crisis in America have been horrendous. It has caused enormous suffering with overdoses, broken families, and emotional upheaval all across the country. But how did we reach this point?

Choosing a Detox Method

Detoxing off opioids addiction on your own is extremely difficult, so many people need to seek out professional help through detox. Learn about the most common detox options.

The Right Type of Support

Detoxification without appropriate follow up and treatment is almost always unsuccessful. We encourage all of our patients to find a treatment program that will best suit their needs. Learn about the types of treatment modalities.

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