Guide to Detoxing Off Suboxone

Nowadays, Suboxone® (aka buprenorphine/naloxone) is commonly used to treat opioid dependence by transitioning someone from street opioids to this legal (when prescribed) alternative. Some patients are reluctant to use Suboxone® for fear of replacing one addiction with another. Others are intimidated by the challenge that they’ll face in trying to taper off of Suboxone® or other forms of buprenorphine.

It’s important to note that for many people who are stable on Suboxone®, there is no reason to try to get off of it. However, for people who feel ready, or are looking to be fully off of opioids, a detox off of Suboxone® could be the right next step in the path to recovery.

That’s why we created the Guide to Detoxing Off Suboxone.

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In this guide, you will learn:

  • Facts about Suboxone and its role in treating opioid addiction.
  • Why some patients may want to stop using Suboxone.
  • Why detoxing off of Suboxone might be difficult.
  • The 4 major dimensions that support recovery.
  • Available support services for person-centered aftercare.

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In the Guide: An In-Depth Look at Suboxone and Our Industry-Leading Detox Program

Suboxone is a medication made up of a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone, and it’s been a very useful tool for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) of Opioid Use Disorder. But Suboxone is still an opioid. Because each Suboxone® dose stays in the body for weeks, when you stop taking it, severe withdrawal symptoms can occur.

Many of our patients have told us that trying to detox off of Suboxone can be more difficult than trying to detox from other opioids.

If you or someone you know is ready to detox off of Suboxone, we’re here to help. Here’s more of what you’ll learn in our free Guide to Detoxing Off of Suboxone:

How Did We Get Here?

The consequences of the opioid crisis in America have been horrendous. It has caused enormous suffering with overdoses, broken families, and emotional upheaval all across the country. But how did we reach this point?

Choosing a Detox Method

Detoxing from opioid addiction on your own can be extremely difficult, so many people need to seek out professional help for withdrawal management. Learn about the most common detox options.

The Right Type of Support

Detoxification without appropriate follow up and treatment is almost always unsuccessful. We encourage all of our patients to find a treatment program that will best suit their needs. Learn about the types of treatment modalities.

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