The Guide to Understanding Heroin Detox

Nowadays, Heroin dependence often begins with prescription painkillers like oxycodone or hydrocodone. When legal means of getting painkillers or prescription drugs are exhausted, many turn to illegal substances such as Heroin. This dangerous opioid can be found in communities and groups across the United States, regardless of age, gender, or economic status and it doesn’t take long to develop a Heroin dependency. If you or a loved one are suffering from heroin addiction, it’s important to remember: You are not alone.

That’s why we created the Guide to Understanding Heroin Detox.

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In this guide, you will learn:

  • Startling facts about heroin’s role in America’s ongoing opioid epidemic.
  • Common heroin detox options and how to decide which is right for you.
  • How our Heroin Detox using the Coleman Method works.
  • The 4 major dimensions that support recovery.
  • Available support services for person-centered aftercare.

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In the Guide: Heroin Use in America and Our Industry-Leading Detox Program

Heroin is a major driver of America’s opioid epidemic. Originally developed for medical use, Heroin has been banned since the 1920’s. But it’s use in the medical setting over 100 years agowas enough to start a wave of addiction and dependence among individuals throughout the country.

Furthermore, one of the hidden dangers of heroin use is that what you think is heroin could be fentanyl. Heroin sold on the street is often mixed with fentanyl or just fentanyl being sold as heroin. Many of our patients are shocked when we tell them that we found fentanyl in their system during their pre-treatment drug screening.

If you or someone you know is using heroin and wants to stop, we’re here to help. Here’s more of what you’ll learn in our free Guide to Understanding Heroin Detox:

How Did We Get Here?

The consequences of the opioid crisis, which includes Heroin, in America have been horrendous. It has caused enormous suffering with overdoses, broken families, and emotional upheaval all across the country. But how did we reach this point?

Choosing a Detox Method

Detoxing off heroin on your own can be extremely difficult, so many people need to seek out professional help for withdrawal management. Learn about the most common detox options.

The Right Type of Support

Detoxification without appropriate follow up and treatment is almost always unsuccessful. We encourage all of our patients to find a treatment program that will best suit their needs. Learn about the types of treatment modalities.

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Charlie – Opiates (Heroin)
“Life is good. Being clean brings me lots of joy.”


Jason – Heroin
“This detox was definitely the easiest one I’ve tried.”