Naltrexone Therapy

The Coleman Institute provides Naltrexone Therapy options in Atlanta, GA

Naltrexone Therapy is a vital part of the three-step addiction treatment process at the Coleman Network in Atlanta, GA. This valuable tool makes the transition to sobriety easier, more comfortable, and far more likely to last.

Naltrexone is a medicine that blocks the opiate receptors in a person’s brain, acting as a powerful buffer during the initial and most challenging parts of recovery.

We advocate for Naltrexone Therapy because it:

  • Dramatically reduces cravings
  • Does not inhibit natural endorphins
  • Prevents highs if relapses occur
  • Is non-addictive

Our uniquely compounded formula consists of a small, painless Naltrexone implant that is placed under the skin where it slowly releases a dose for 2 months. Depending on a patient’s needs, we also provide Vivitrol, an FDA-approved, branded version of injectable Naltrexone.

Freed from intense cravings and unable to get high, patients at the Coleman Network in Atlanta, GA are able to focus on the important aspects involved in staying clean — without having to remember to take a pill.

Check out Naltrexone Therapy for Opiates and Alcohol FAQs for more information.

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