Naltrexone Therapy

The Coleman Institute provides Naltrexone Therapy options in Phoenix, AZ

Our detox treatment combined with Naltrexone Therapy has helped numerous patients at the Coleman Institute in Phoenix, AZ to move past their addictions. By providing our patients with Naltrexone Therapy, we are able to give them the best possible chance at a lifelong recovery.

Naltrexone is a non-addictive, non-narcotic medication that can be injected or implanted beneath the skin. This slow-release option allows patients to navigate the crucial first few weeks of recovery without experiencing cravings. By attaching itself to the opiate receptors in the brain, Naltrexone will prevent highs from occurring if a patient relapses and dramatically reduce cravings during recovery.

When patients receive a steady dose of Naltrexone every day for a prolonged period of time, they have a much better chance at recovery. With fewer cravings, they are more likely to abstain from drugs and stay with their treatment and support groups. Patients’ improved outcomes may be physical because they have a steadier blood level and don’t forget their medicine. We also believe the results may be partly psychological because once a patient receives their implant, they don’t have to decide every day whether or not to take their Naltrexone or consider relapsing.

Our revolutionary techniques at the Coleman Institute in Phoenix, AZ have achieved remarkable results: thousands of patients treated with over a 96% satisfaction rate.

Check out our Naltrexone Therapy for Opiates and Alcohol FAQs for more information.

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