Naltrexone Therapy

The Coleman Institute provides naltrexone therapy options in Seattle, WA

Naltrexone Therapy is a crucial part of our 3-step treatment program at the Coleman Institute in Seattle, WA. We offer slow-release Naltrexone options (instead of a pill) so patients can receive a steady dose of medication every day without the hassle of having to remember to take medication. This specialized treatment has a significant effect on long-term recovery.

Naltrexone attaches to the brain’s opiate receptors and completely blocks them. As a result, patients feel no effect from opiates while on Naltrexone and experience virtually no cravings. This freedom from physical symptoms helps our patients focus on their psychological healing without the temptation to use again.

At our Seattle, WA location, we offer 2 slow-release Naltrexone options:

  • Naltrexone Implant: We place a small, painless Naltrexone implant under the patient’s skin, where it slowly releases a dose for 2 months.
  • Vivitrol®: Vivitrol® is an FDA-approved, branded version of injectable Naltrexone.

We strongly believe that patients should be on Naltrexone Therapy for at least 12 months after completing their detox. Recent research shows that it takes a year or more for the brain to fully heal from addiction. And we know that it also takes at least a year for people to build a support system and integrate all of the recovery changes into their lives. Having Naltrexone Therapy during the first stages of recovery helps reduce the risk of patients relapsing while giving them time to invest in their long-term health.

Check out our Naltrexone Therapy for Opiates and Alcohol FAQs for more information.

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