Accelerated Roxicodone Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Accelerated Roxicodone Detox options in Tampa (Largo), FL

Roxicodone may seem like the answer to your severe pain. But in truth, it is an addictive opioid that can lead to tolerance and dependency.

Roxicodone alters the way your brain perceives pain. It can also trigger an emotional response by releasing a flood of a neurotransmitter called dopamine that is responsible for how you feel and interpret pleasure. Because of this, developing a dependency on Roxicodone can happen frighteningly fast. Your brain craves the effects of Roxicodone but the same dosage begins to not be enough to achieve the same effect. Your brain requires more and more Roxicodone to appease those cravings.

This dangerous cycle, along with harmful withdrawal symptoms, makes quitting Roxicodone on your own extremely difficult and even life-threatening. But there is a proven path to the addiction-free life you deserve.

At the Coleman Institute in Tampa (Largo), FL, we offer an outpatient Accelerated Roxicodone Detox that pushes Roxicodone out of your body in as few as 5 days without experiencing the painful withdrawal symptoms of doing it on your own.

The Benefits of Accelerated Roxicodone Detox at the Coleman Institute in Tampa (Largo), FL:

Outpatient Care

  • As few as 5 days to complete the process
  • No general anesthesia
  • No hospital stays required

Minimal Discomfort

  • Safe, assisted withdrawal process
  • Medicine to reduce discomfort
  • Caring support from medical professionals who understand addiction

Long-Term Support

  • Naltrexone therapy to reduce cravings and prevent relapse
  • Plan for maintaining sobriety
  • Access to recovery support services

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