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We are committed to helping you or your loved one Get Clean and Stay Clean. Through our innovative detox program, we offer the best help available in a safe and supportive environment.

We have programs that can help you detox off of:

Healing Your Dependency

Maybe your doctor prescribed opiates for pain management. Maybe you took heroin out of curiosity or started drinking to experience a thrill. Regardless of why you started, you’ve reached a point where your dependency is controlling your life.

We understand that no matter how hard you may want to stop using, the withdrawal symptoms from quitting cold turkey can feel impossible to bear. Before you give up, remember: addiction is not a sign of weakness or a personal failing — it’s a brain disease.

Like any disease, some people’s genetics and choices make them more susceptible. Once you are diagnosed, knowledgeable and compassionate care is the best way to find a cure.

Here, you can find the support you need to break free of your dependency — and begin the next chapter of your life.

Since 1998, The Coleman Institute (TCI) has been offering patients a chance for help, hope and healing. Our unique treatment does not address addiction with other addictive drugs like Suboxone® or methadone. Instead, we use an Accelerated Detox program that helps you detox safely and comfortably in as few as three days. Our outpatient process is discreet and available at 10 locations nationwide, allowing you to get clean without taking a lengthy break from your daily responsibilities.

At TCI, our support doesn’t stop when your detox is over. We believe that recovery is a three-step process, where you need to Get Help, Get Clean and Stay Clean.

Following your detox treatment, we use Naltrexone therapy to reduce your opiate or alcohol cravings during your first months of sobriety. As a result, our patients are able to start the hard work of recovery without fear of relapse or dependency on maintenance drugs.

With our Stay Clean program, we’ll provide you with access to the support and guidance you need to meet the daily challenges of recovery — and get back to enjoying your life.

You can free yourself from addiction. Add your name to the more than 98% of patients who successfully complete our program.

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