With many Americans working from home for the foreseeable future, it is easier than ever to hide addictions. Even when we go back to the workplace, there will be physical barriers and limited use of common areas that reduce direct personal contact.

The Overlooked Impact of Isolation

Social isolation and distancing is proving to be difficult, especially for those already in recovery. Studies and surveys are finding a significant increase in rates of depression and substance abuse. A study by Well Being Trust, a national public health group, estimates that there may be an additional 75,000 deaths due to suicide and substance use related to COVID-19 alone.

Relapse Rates Are Going Up

Sadly, in many methadone clinics, there has been an increase in the rate of relapse in patients who have not used street drugs in years. I can only imagine the suffering and shame that is going on behind closed doors. Without having to see co-workers, friends, and family face-to-face, hangovers and withdrawal symptoms are easier to hide. We have lost a certain safety net that comes with seeing other humans on a daily basis.

If you are feeling isolated, you are not alone. If you feel a sense of relief that you are better able to hide the outward manifestations of your drinking or drugging, this is a sign that you are in a dangerous and precarious position. Please seek help.


Getting Treatment at Coleman Institute

Many people are taking this time to address their addictions. We have treated dozens of patients during the pandemic who have made the choice to detox with us at the Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine.

We continue to remain open and fully-staffed during the pandemic. We are fully compliant with CDC guidelines and our private treatment rooms allow for extra precautions. Learn more about our COVID-19 Safe Care Protocols here.

Again, if you feel that you are hiding, we welcome you without judgment and with open arms. Please contact us if you have questions about our unique treatments for opioid and alcohol dependence or schedule a callback below.

Deborah Reich, MD