Dr. Peter Coleman, founder of the Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine, and Andrew Blake, chief operating officer, went to Willoughby, Ohio to explore how they can help patients who are suffering from alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder.

Watch Dr. Coleman's recap of the trip here on YouTube, "Suboxone vs. Naltrexone and New Addiction Treatment Options for Ohio," or read the recap below.

Long-Acting Naltrexone for Addiction Treatment in Cleveland, Ohio

Good morning. I wanted to talk a little bit about a great trip that Andrew, our chief operating officer, and I just got back from Cleveland, Ohio because we were looking at some space there where we're probably going to be setting up a branch of our office to be able to help patients in Ohio have different options for treatment out there.

Our company, Baymark Health Services, already has three offices called Applegate that provide Suboxone maintenance therapy for people. But the plan is that we're going to be offering a long acting naltrexone option for patients who are ready for that treatment. There's a huge problem in Ohio as there is in many, many parts of the country. And so, it's just nice to be able to offer that option.




As you know some patients do well with medication assisted treatment, using Suboxone to provide a long steady buprenorphine so that they avoid using addictive drugs and get their life stable. And other patients are more appropriate to go on long-acting naltrexone, which is a pure blocking drug that we've been using for the last 23 years and have had great success with.

And for many people, it's great to be able to offer the two options because people can often do well on Suboxone for a while while they get their life more stable. And then they're ready to get off of that and get onto naltrexone. It's looking like we may be able to have good insurance contracts out there where insurance will pay for most of the treatment. So that will be really helpful to help patients be able to choose which of these forms of medication assisted treatment.

We had a great time visiting the clinic, and the staff who were there were very impressed with the medical staff and the clinical administrative staff. They run a great operation there, and it's going to be really fun to be able to help set that up. Hopefully, it'll be later in the year. So stay tuned.

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