Here’s a recap of Dr. Peter Coleman’s video, “One Pill Can Kill”.

The Dangerous Reality

The DEA has recently come out with a campaign to get the word out, called One Pill Can Kill, and it's dramatic and it's true, and we've been hearing about it. The truth is, about 70,000 people last year experienced an overdose, almost all of it caused by fentanyl. The studies show that something like 20% of the pills that are made on the street that people are buying have fentanyl in a dose that's fatal in one pill.

It doesn't kill quite that many people because a lot of people using stuff out there have tolerance, and so they can tolerate a little bit more than that. But for an uninitiated user, someone who thinks they're buying Xanax, or buying Valium, or buying some other pill, or anything, ecstasy, MDMA, who knows, it's a fatal dose.


No Way to Know

Fentanyl is deadly. It's deadly every time you try it because you have no idea what you're buying if it's in a powder or it's in a pill or something like that. But if it's pressed and you think it's a real pill from a real pharmacy, it can be fatal.

And I've seen pictures of these things and they look identical to the ones that are made by the pharmaceutical companies. I don't know why drug companies are putting fentanyl in things like that. It doesn't make any logical sense to me that if somebody's trying to buy Xanax or a downer or sedative that they would want to use an opiate.

Getting the Word Out

So one pill can kill is true. We need to get the word out, so please, if you have any way of sharing this kind of information on social media, on TikTok, or Facebook, or Instagram, anything, we just need to get the word out there that every single pill that people buy on the street that does not come from a doctor's prescription could be fatal.

We've lost 70,000 people last year, it's just unbelievable, and we need to get the word out. So please do what you can.