It has been quite a year. We did not see the COVID-19 pandemic coming and only now are we beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been an extremely painful and challenging year for everyone — a year of isolation from friends, family, and our places of employment (our family away from home).

The overall cost, however, to ourselves, our children, and society as a whole, is still unknown. But for many suffering from Substance Use Disorders (SUD), the pandemic has had an extra layer of stress and even danger.

COVID-19 and the Increase in Substance Use Disorders

What we do know is that the rate of Substance Use Disorders (SUD) has increased. In May of 2020, early in the pandemic, the CDC reported 81,000 deaths in the prior year due to opiates alone, which was the highest ever reported. The rate of alcohol consumption has increased with sales reported to be between 25-30% greater than pre-pandemic. Rates of binge drinking are especially elevated. Levels of stress and anxiety are high and people have turned to substances to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

It is often stated that “the antidote to addiction is connection.” Not surprisingly, social isolation has intensified Substance Use Disorders (SUD).

Detoxing During a Pandemic is Increasing

We at the Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine are beginning to see an upward trend in people inquiring about our program, since they know that at some time in the not too distant future a return to the workplace is imminent. Many recognize that their alcohol consumption, for example, has significantly increased.

The lockdown and remote work has made it easier to hide problems one may have with substances — perhaps you do not have to drive, can sleep off a hangover longer, or turn off your camera on a video call. Whatever someone’s particular circumstance, it is a great time to think about your substance use and plan for a safe and effective way to address it as you make your way back to “normal” life.


Specializing in Accelerated Outpatient Detoxes

The Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine specializes in accelerated, outpatient withdrawal management services (detoxification). We have been evolving our safe and effective protocols for more than 20 years at multiple locations across the country.

Our completion rate is 98% — meaning that 98% of patients that come through our doors for their first day of detox complete the process successfully and get onto the long-acting (non-addictive) opioid blocker called naltrexone. This is a testament to the protocols developed by Dr. Peter Coleman, as well as the caring and experienced staff who will shepherd patients and their companions through the process.

During the detox process, our case management team develops an aftercare plan that is personalized and realistic and one that you can and will actually DO! Relapse prevention is centered on helping a patient identify the tools and inner resources they can tap into during the various stages of recovery. The early stages of recovery are a particularly vulnerable time period and so we stay in close touch with our patients — especially during this time.

The great news is that there does seem to be an end in sight to this COVID-19 nightmare we have all been living. In addition, there is time to plan if you find yourself in trouble with opiates or alcohol. We are happy to answer any questions and accommodate your particular timing needs. Schedule a callback below.