Watch Dr. Coleman's Facebook Live post where he discusses whether To Vaccinate or Not? Here’s a recap.

Our Way Out

We are entering what many consider to be the 3rd wave of the Covid pandemic. Every day roughly 2000 people are still dying from Covid. In the medical community, vaccination is considered the way out of the pandemic. Frequent testing is also highly encouraged to help fight the spread of the infection.

Popular Reasons

There are many reasons people give to explain their choice not to get vaccinated. Here are some of the most popularly cited reasons:

1. “The Covid vaccine does not work, you can still get Covid”

To understand the reality behind this concept you must understand how the virus and how vaccines work. We shouldn’t expect vaccines to prevent the virus from entering the body. Viruses love the nasal cavity which is full of mucus to stop dust particles, but it is not good at stopping the virus. Vaccines work by familiarizing your immune system with the Covid virus and preventing you from getting as sick as you might have without any protection if you come into contact with it

2. “I’ve already been infected with Covid, so I don’t need the vaccine”

This argument falls short when you compare immunity timelines between natural anti-bodies from becoming infected and vaccine anti-bodies. Natural immunity wears off between three and nine months. On the other hand, vaccines protect for much longer as they offer triple the number of antibodies and protection.

3. “I’m nervous to take the vaccine, it is too new”

Some feel that the newness of the vaccine makes it too scary to get. This train of thought leaves out the fact that mRNA technologies have been around and have been tested for the past 5 years. At this point in the pandemic, hundreds of millions of doses have been given to people with minimal side effects. It can, without a doubt, be considered safe.

4. “I don’t want to take it because I don’t want to get sick.”

Feeling slightly sick is completely normal after receiving a vaccine or booster injection. You're tricking the immune system into thinking you have a terrible virus known as Covid. The short-term discomfort will pay off in the form of minimal symptoms in case you come in contact with the virus.

Let's Work Together

Learn the facts about Covid-19 from the CDC’s website. It’s important to listen to professionals who spend their life studying viruses so we can work together to end the pandemic.

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