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Benzo Detox treatments are only available at our Richmond, VA location.

"It was like seeing in black & white and now seeing in color."


You didn't mean to get hooked on Xanax or any one of the other benzodiazepines. You took it to calm your nerves and anxiety; to stop your panic attacks or to get some sleep. You took it because your doctor recommended it and it worked, at first. But, before you knew it, you were taking more and more. It wasn't working for you anymore, and try as you may, you could not stop it even by trying to wean down very, very slowly. You know the rest of the story: You try many different ways to get off these drugs. But nothing seems to work. The medications have a grip on your mind, your body and your soul. So here you are, looking for help to stop your benzodiazepine dependence. We are glad you found us. The Coleman Institute can help.

The Coleman Institute now offers an advanced medical treatment for addiction to benzodiazepines like Xanax.

Dr. Coleman's method includes using Flumazenil to flush the benzodiazepines out of your system quickly and to reduce cravings. Patients are usually able to complete the detox as an outpatient in about eight days, instead of the weeks or months of turmoil they go through, trying to self-detoxify.

By using low doses of Flumazenil, many patients experience much milder withdrawal symptoms. Often, there are no panic attacks and no insomnia. Some patients are calm and almost peaceful as the benzodiazepines are pushed completely out of their systems. Patients are usually amazed when their drug screens come back as negative, often after only 5 to 7 days.

Some patients do have an increase of withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification, but we are usually able to find medicines that help with these symptoms.

Most patients should expect some Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms for a few months after the detoxification, as their brain continues to heal.

Benzodiazepines treated by The Coleman Institute's Innovative Therapy:


For more information, please refer to our Rapid Benzodiazepine Detox Q&A page.

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January 2015

Almost three years ago, your services were recommended to us and I am so glad we listened to them. We brought our son into your clinic and you literally saved his life. He was there for benzo (Xanax) detox and three years later he is still clean.

The staff there were very professional and at the same time very caring and sweet. I have recommended your services to many I know that have struggles with addiction. My son became himself again and he has become quite the responsible adult that he longed to be. He has run a business for a family member’s company and is also working and continuing to go to school at night.

My family could not thank Dr. Coleman and his wonderful staff enough for everything you all did to help my son and get him clean. We got our son back and he is doing wonderful now, so Thank You from the bottom of our heart and God Bless. You all are THE BEST!


May 2014

If anyone I know ever struggles getting off of benzo's, this is the ONLY way I would tell them it is possible. I have tried many other ways and this worked wonders.


May 2014

I would like this to be posted on the Coleman Institute website to be shared;

I want to thank Dr. Rosenfield and the staff in Seattle for giving me my life back.

I felt lost and now I am found. I was losing hope that I would never be able to achieve sobriety from Valium, but I can happily say I have reached my goal.

Dr. Rosenfield made the impossible possible and I cannot thank him enough. If anyone reading this is struggling like I did to withdraw from benzo's, the money spent is worth every penny.

I am me again. I can do things that I thought were forever lost, things I love. It is hard work, but very worth it and any nervousness I had was dissipated the first time I met with the staff.

Thank you for changing my life!


April 2014

Dear Dr. Coleman:

Thank you for giving me back my life. I had suffered for years under the dependency of drugs, specifically Ativan. Your detox program made me free in one week. I am ecstatic with my drug free life.

My energy level has increased dramatically. I am so happy and it was very easy.

I was so afraid, but the non addictive meds you gave me helped make it all possible.

Thank you so much for my new life.


April 2014

Dear Dr. Rosenfield and Staff:

Thank you all for having made my recovery possible. I honestly could never have achieved that all important goal of mine alone. You were all so very kind to me and patient with me. I will never forget that.

I am a new person now and everyone sees it. That is not to say that my like is walked down the primrose path, but I am finally starting to live rather than just surviving. I can now participate in things which I had thought were lost to me forever. I am also grateful for your help and care!


July 2013

Excellent overall response to date (2months). I had a great experience with the entire staff. Thanks to the entire staff at the Coleman Institute with special thanks to Jen and Dr. Peter Coleman. As a retired medical doctor and patient, I would recommend the program to all patients who may need detox. It was well worth the flight from L.A. to Richmond.


Doctor Coleman,
Within 30 days you detoxed Jeff off of both opiates and benzos. Within 30 days of finishing the process he is a productive individual again. Concentration for work is back. Energy levels are back up close to normal. The only sign of anxiety is when a good song comes on the radio there is a bit of a chill and goose bumps (maybe that is just feeling young again). Sleep is on its way back to normal. We in this family have researched some of the other means of detox (said deny drugs on a steady rate and keep patient (maybe) from going into seizure). Alternatively some clinics are replacing opiates with other very addictive drugs such as suboxone or methadone with no end in sight for a drug free life. We find that these methods of detox are barbaric and have very low probability of success or simply create another type of addiction. Your innovation in the field of drug detox is to be commended. Your use of relatively common drugs to quickly and efficiently detox people in very little time is really the invention of all time saving countless lives. You and your clinic are to be congratulated, thanked and put in special place in our hearts and memories. Thank you so much.
Friends of Jeff


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